Greenhead Stories Project

Greenhead Stories is a collaborative oral history project which seeks to document the rich and diverse history of Greenhead Park in Huddersfield. The Greenhead Stories oral history project seeks to document the various array of memories people have of the park, which has undergone a multi-million pound restoration project.

Greenhead Stories aims not only to record the day to day experiences and history of leisure in the park, but also the impact of significant cultural events such as the Huddersfield Carnival and Asian Mela which have found a home in the park throughout its history.

In addition to conducting interviews the project makes memory donation accessible through a 24-hour memory bank phoneline, and will use all collected memories and interviews in park audio tours.

Families have been asked to record their experiences of the part the park, which has been a gathering place for local people since it opened in 1884, has played in their lives.

Many have talked about their day to day experiences but now the man running the project wants to find out more about the cultural events that have taken place there.

The Carnival and Mela have been an important part of the park’s summer event calendar for many years and involved thousands of performers and spectators.

The festivals aim to celebrate the rich diversity of the town and the park has been home to them since the mid-1980s.

A special Memory Bank phone line has been set up in the park where people can call in and record their memories.

The purpose is use them as part of an audio tour.

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