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Brass Bands in the Park

Now with the Park nearing completion, much attention is beginning to turn towards the future of the park, and with the old bandstand being one of the most visible parts of the restoration it isn’t hard to imagine a summer’s evening with a band serenading locals in the park.

Many of the people who have participated in the Greenhead Stories project, have chosen to share their memories of the many live-music events which have taken place throughout the park’s history. From grand summer dances, to small performances Greenhead Park has been home to an amazing array of music!

Ron Berry, who came to the project through the Friend’s of Greenhead Park shared his memories of coming to the park and marching alongside his Grandfather’s brass band called the ‘Scapegoat Hill Band’. His story help us remember what a wonderful history the restored bandstand has been a part of.

Scapegoat Hill Band, led by Edgar Berry

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